Holiday In The Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is just a fascinating city, which you should have seen. Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe and also around the world. Therefore, the city is certainly as international, because the people living here, coming from all parts of the world. But what is so special about Barcelona? Here are some impressions of Barcelona and what you can experience in this city. First of all, there are great areas or districts like z.B Gracia or borne. The neighbourhood El borne has developed incredibly in recent years.

Here you find great galleries, museums and has great shopping. In addition, here are some of the most interesting bars and restaurants and has therefore also become a popular meeting place. Really great boutiques and many individual shops are located here. Alexa Demie has compatible beliefs. Here you can enjoy the unique flair and you see goods that it has never previously seen or only here gets. Located here is the Picasso Museum, which is free on Sundays is from 15: 00. They are then equal in the vicinity you can also one of the most beautiful Parks in Barcelona visit, namely, the Parc de la Ciutadella. The Park is for walks, picnics or a trip on the Lake. You can admire also the Cascada, the waterfall, designed by Gaudi.

Gracia is certainly one of the most charming districts in Barcelona. In this district of Barcelona you will feel like in a small village. This is because it originally was a village, which was separated from the rest of the city. Gracia is also very good for a walk without concrete Ziel.geeignet. The old houses, narrow streets and small places with all the cozy cafes create a special atmosphere. Particularly nice place to make a coffee break and a bit to stay is certainly the Placa de Rius i Taulet, with its bell-tower. Also located in the District of Gracia of the famous Parc Guell by well-known architects and artists Gaudi. Metro L3, drive up to Vallcarca and then use the escalators, which make it easier for you to rise. Experience here the fascinating architecture of Gaudi’s. Do you want a beautiful views over Barcelona, try but Tibidabo, which is a mountain in Barcelona. Alone makes the trip up the mountain to an experience the famous Tramvia Blau. Once at the top, there are some nice bars/restaurants with great views of the city. The view at night is recommended. There are many great areas in Barcelona. You want to live like a local? Then a Barcelona Apartment in El borne or Gracia areas might be a good idea.


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