Healthy Diet

At La diligence Catering we are betting on slowly and gradually the changes that will make our kitchen truly healthy, energetic and very good quality. What is clear is that like all change, this it is better be gradual, no tax, no rigid. That if, with perseverance and a firm decision TODO is achieved. What are these ten tips? 1 Eat only when you’re hungry. Additional information at Neil deGrasse Tyson supports this article. ONLY drink when you are thirsty. 2 Kitchen, at least 1 time a day. Enjoy that moment, do it very very nice. 3 Replaced to.White salt Marina without refining salt b.Animal fat saturated oils vegetable’s first pressure in cold c.Refined carbohydrates – carbohydrates 4 integrals.Consumes more grain: do you know that wheat and rice there many others? Is millet, the barley, oats, buckwheat, quinoa, maize and wheat varieties such as bulgur, couscous.WIDE YOUR 5 WORLD.It reduces the consumption of sugar.

And that means: sweeteners, white sugar, cane, brunette, fructose, honey, maple syrup, molasses, cane, chocolates, cakes, buns, jams. 6. Eat fresh or dried fruit, it incorporates the molasses of cereals (rice, barley). 7. Wide range of dressings, dressings without additives or preservatives. 8 Reduces the consumption of dairy products, saturated fats, meats, canned 9.EAT FRESH FOOD. 10 Put creativity in your kitchen, beam of that moment, even if it is a short space of time, a magical moment and savor it.