During Pregnancy

Prevention of dysbiosis should begin before birth. During pregnancy should be possible to waive the drugs, especially antibiotics. It is right to start with a healthy diet. Rational nutrition is essential for a favorable course and outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, the normal development of the baby. During Pregnancy increases the need for nutrients that are necessary not only to maintain the body's future mother, but also to build a baby's tissues and the proper formation of the skeleton and its other systems. Also require additional material for the correct formation of the placenta. But all the nutrients can assimilate fully, only if there is no violation of the microflora. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue.

By the beginning of pregnancy should try to treat all chronic foci of infection in the teeth, in the nasopharynx, the genitourinary and digestive systems. Microflora of the birth canal. The composition of vaginal microflora is determined by age and physiological status of woman, state of her hormonal levels. In a normal woman's vagina in a lot of Lactobacillus are present, that maintain an acidic reaction medium, which, in turn, prevents the population of the vagina others, including pathogens. Produced by these bacteria, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide kill many pathogens.

For example, lactobacilli are able to destroy pathogens gonorrhea – gonococci and human immunodeficiency virus that causes aids. Degree of protection against infection, sexually transmitted diseases, largely depends on the number of lactobacilli in the vagina. From the very beginning pregnancy, there are strong hormonal fluctuations in the body. Vaginal mucosa is particularly thick, increasing the number of lactobacilli.