Dr. Afredo

Story My Deceased Husband Died In one cidadezinha of interior with little more than eight a thousand inhabitants. He lived a famous doctor and scientist, the Dr. Alfredo Sheep Sheep Young chicken, that finishes to develop, a remedy for cure of an illness that he himself evidenced! This illness alone reached married women, where after to use viuvex, remedy developed for the Dr. (A valuable related resource: Nancy-Ann_DeParle). Alfredo, finished becoming cured widowers and, it is clearly that this only happened after having followed all the recommendations. First it examined the patient with a series of questions well went writing down in a plane table, if the reply the illness was the favor it wrote down negative, and if it was against the illness was positive, in the end made medical calculations and ready, it was its diagnosis there! Question n 01: Its husband sleeps in house all the nights? R: Negative. Question n 02: When it sleeps in vocs house copulam? R: Negative. _ _ In case that the patient did not understand, it reformulated the question. When it sleeps in vocs house settles? R: The times yes, the times not, negative + positivo= Negative.

Question n 03: You have orgasmo with its husband? R: With my husband not! Positive + negativo= negative _ _ OK! Already I found its problem! You are suffering from maridofobia. _ _ And has cure DR.? _ _ Not! _ _ And what it is that I make? __Nada, only waits one fifteen days and, you go you are suffering from maridotransformoumulheremfrgidaantesmortedoqueissoiti! __Ento you return and I pass you the remedy here viuvex, you are immediate cure! __Vinte days later __Quanto pains of body DR. Alfredo if does not worry, only comes back tomorrow to demonstrate mine appraises for its medicine, finds that it exactly suffered age from lack, later that my deceased husband died good I never more, I already I go I do not want to interrupt its work, sees and hears daqui of its doctor’s office enormous line of other coitadas poor persons who the same suffer from badly that I suffered, ah DR. .