When the child sucks mamilo, it does not obtain to suck much milk and the milk and not removed of the breast diminishing the lctea production (KING, 1996). The assistance must be directed in feeling to reduce to the maximum the discomfort of pain. To identify the cause is the first step. Later, to adopt measured in the direction to solve the problem (BARROS, 2002). The treatment for the painful mamilos is to correct the suction position. In the majority of the cases pain for immediately. The expression of the mother can be seen to change when the child suddenly ' ' pega' ' enough amount of breast for the mouth. Cardiologist has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The mother can say that she feels some difference and that it seems certain. She still relates, that now she is comfortable and pleasant. The child could be more satisfied to the end of the suck one. Frequently she is not necessary to exactly interrupt the suck one that for few times. It is not necessary to use creams or other medicines in the mamilos. This aid and cannot get worse pain (KING, 1996).

2,4 QUARREL AND RESULTS the developed study had for base revision of bibliographical annals, in which they will be used you vary sources, as: bibliographical analysis of diverse authors in relation to the subject, aiming at not only the update of the data, but also the comparison of the diverse information for better agreement of the patient. In accordance with Teixeira (2004), is a type of study is qualitative description, where it has an emphasis to the words and images; the investigators are interested more for the processes of what for the results or products. That is, analyzing the data in particular way and later generality, what it guaranteed the author, more knowledge on the subject and more flexibility how much to the subject in question.