Brief Intervention

The applicability of the technique of Brief Intervention is based on the motivacional interview that it aims at to the change of behavior of syndrome of dependence of the tobacco. The principles norteadores are explained of the following form: The objective of the Brief Intervention in the primary attention is to promote the perception of the patient of whom its use of the substance is placing it at risk and to encourage to reduce it or to leave the use from strategies and goals constructed between the professional and the patient. You may find that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge. One of the used techniques of IB is based on the method FRAMES, that are composed for six basic principles: 1) Feedback (Return): a devolution of objective information on the standard of substance use of the patient. This return (feedback) can be offered, for example, presenting to the patient its result of AUDIT or ASSIST. The return is a step important to promote the perception of the use level and to initiate the motivacional process.

2) Responsability (Responsibility): it is proposal the adoption of a position of not-confrontation of the professional and signalling to the patient on its responsibility with relation to its alcohol use and the process of behavior change. 3) Advice (Aconselhamento): clear and objective orientaes on the problems that the patient presents or can come to present and its possible relation with other problems of health. 4) Menu of Strategies: it is the identification of situations of risk for the use of the substance, definition of goals with regard to the use (reduction or abstinence) and strategies to reach such goals. 5) Empatia: the adoption of a emptica and acolhedora position is proposal, but at the same time insurance and objective in the relation with the patient, in order to promote greater acceptance of the aconselhamento. 6) Self-efficacy (Autoeficcia): it is a proposal of promotion of security feeling and autoestima in relation to the problem.