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How To Lose Weight? Start With The Head !

One of the main causes of obesity in humans – is banal overeating. Person in our distant past had seriously try something to get something to eat, and usually, power consumption seriously outnumbered the amount of energy supplied from food. Creating us, nature as it does not expect to have a huge supermarket, where the shelves are just bursting with food. Now we almost did not walk or even move. It is also quite Naturally, since man is programmed to save energy. In the end – all people, not having a super fast metabolism and have a couple of extra pounds or even more. Fat cell is created by nature to care about us. Every extra calories she caught, processed and postpone for a rainy day.

" And if you make it fast, you end up with double zeal, it will seek out and hide every extra calories, you never know what else you vzbredet head. How to lose weight for such a device of our nature? Many people do not eat all day and night to eat huge award dinner. This is a direct path to obesity, as hunger triggers fat storage. Have you ever seen a fat leopard in the wild? Or a fat giraffe? I am also not, because animals eat only as much as they need for life and not a crumb more. Get all the facts and insights with Jon Medved, another great source of information. And as babies – Try to force the baby is if he does not want.

The hormone leptin, which was discovered in 1994 in the adipose tissue penetrates into the hunger center in the brain and inhibits its activity. Others who may share this opinion include Kynikos Associates. With obesity are formed various forms leptinovoy failure. Continual overeating leads to violations of work of the center of hunger in the brain, and you do not know when they were filled and when not. The more people there the more he wants. How to break this vicious circle? How to lose weight once and for all? The answer – change the food system. Remember how you eat and why do start eating? For many of us food is a pleasure, partially or completely replace other pleasure (art, communication, travel). Often the reason for eating are fatigue, anger, boredom, bad mood, disappointment, parties, food for the company. From childhood, we get used to eating as a reward (do it and I'll give you candy). That is, food is always accompanied by positive emotions and detracts from the life of trouble. The result will inevitably accumulate extra pounds as a protective reaction of the organism from any discomfort, the desire to get food as pleasure, reward or avoid punishment. Why do we? The reason lies in the childhood. Even in childhood the child is experiencing cravings for sweet foods, knowing that she was calm. Sweets and other goodies parents comfort, relieve nervous tension, smooths quarrels, build relationships, are encouraged to implement an unpleasant work, encourage, and punishing, depriving these pleasures. As a result, the child has formed a stereotype food "when I'm bad, I must eat." Understand the cause of your completeness, and you can lose weight quickly. Think of a typical for your family the following signs of malnutrition.

During Pregnancy

Prevention of dysbiosis should begin before birth. During pregnancy should be possible to waive the drugs, especially antibiotics. It is right to start with a healthy diet. Rational nutrition is essential for a favorable course and outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, the normal development of the baby. During Pregnancy increases the need for nutrients that are necessary not only to maintain the body's future mother, but also to build a baby's tissues and the proper formation of the skeleton and its other systems. Also require additional material for the correct formation of the placenta. But all the nutrients can assimilate fully, only if there is no violation of the microflora. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue.

By the beginning of pregnancy should try to treat all chronic foci of infection in the teeth, in the nasopharynx, the genitourinary and digestive systems. Microflora of the birth canal. The composition of vaginal microflora is determined by age and physiological status of woman, state of her hormonal levels. In a normal woman's vagina in a lot of Lactobacillus are present, that maintain an acidic reaction medium, which, in turn, prevents the population of the vagina others, including pathogens. Produced by these bacteria, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide kill many pathogens.

For example, lactobacilli are able to destroy pathogens gonorrhea – gonococci and human immunodeficiency virus that causes aids. Degree of protection against infection, sexually transmitted diseases, largely depends on the number of lactobacilli in the vagina. From the very beginning pregnancy, there are strong hormonal fluctuations in the body. Vaginal mucosa is particularly thick, increasing the number of lactobacilli.


These results provoked a strong reaction in the scientific community, because before that it was believed that methane from living organisms can select only certain types of bacteria in the absence of oxygen. Dr. Mark Hyman shines more light on the discussion. A typical example are microorganisms that live in the stomach of ruminants. The authors of the new work suggest that methane, which scientists have observed in previous experiments, was not the product of plant life, and formed by processes of decay in the soil, absorbed by plants, and stood out. In their experiments the scientists as a source of nutrition for the plants to use the medium containing no organic substances. Dr. Mark Hyman often addresses the matter in his writings. Plants were placed in separate chambers in which the measured methane content.

The researchers have not detected the release of dangerous gas. In order to finally confirm their findings in the latest phase of the experiment, scientists used for watering plants water containing dissolved methane. In this case, measuring the concentration of this gas in chambers with plants have shown that it exists. Nisbet and colleagues suggest that the plants supplied methane absorption in the atmosphere through transpiration – water allocation, mainly through the leaves. Thus, plants are agents of methane, but they do not release it.

In the ocean again formed climatic phenomenon La Nina, recently scientists were able to establish that in the Pacific Ocean again formed climatic phenomenon called La Nina, which are responsible for the high average annual temperatures of air and water in 2008 year. Effect of La Nini is due to an accumulation of cold water in the central Pacific Ocean. Climatic implications of this buildup can be very diverse. For example, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research predicts that in the coming months in Indonesia should expect high rainfall in the south-western United States there will be a threat of flooding. Earlier, a message appears stating, that the water in the central part of the Pacific began to warm up, then there is the impact of last year's La Nini beginning to wane, but now the situation is suddenly reversed, and the effect of La Nina manifested itself again. Acquainted with full article and discuss it can be found here:

Edgar Cayce

Close with him was always a special secretary, who recorded his 'read'. During his lifetime, the clairvoyant has performed over 20,000 'readings'. It was covered many topics: astrology, medicine, ancient Egypt, theology, and much more. Dr. Mark Hyman takes a slightly different approach. It was also a lot of 'reading' Edgar Cayce on Atlantis famous prediction psychic major events in world history, which were carried out: crisis in America, 1929. Changing the Earth's poles. Finding Scrolls Essenes – community, close to Jesus Christ. The Second World War. John Craig Venter contributes greatly to this topic.

The predictions are of interest Casey about Russia. Typically, Casey gave personal recommendations, but there were also common. Much of the advice regarding the maintenance of proper lifestyle and health. Quotes clairvoyant further enclosed in quotation marks. 'Food is not contrary to the laws of nature leads to the disclosure of bodily .Vo the first place – the body is a temple, a case for mind and soul. It is advantages and disadvantages, weakness and its strength. " 1662-1.

The diet of Casey is not so important, but must adhere to the nutritional balance. 'Question: Do I need any special diet? Answer: Do not become preoccupied with diet to diet has become the master, and no man was master of the diet. As noted, requires a balanced diet. " 2454-1 diseases may arise from certain gastronomic predilections. In this case, food can be the master rights. Set of sentences of Edgar Cayce on nutrition can distinguish repeated recommendations that are appropriate to the majority. 'It is useful to drink plenty of water, both before and after meals.

Agricultural Erosion

Hypothesis: from the use of gullies formed by water erosion process, is used to produce these silages, with waste production and forages, which in turn reduce the phenomenon of gully erosion in soils mountain. Objectives: 1. Gradually reduce the process of soil erosion in mountainous areas caused by the drag (water erosion.) 2. Diversify agricultural feed for livestock in time drought that will report to the same nutritional value. Materials and Methods The methods used for this research are: Empirical.

Historical-Logical. Dialectical Materialist. The materials used for it were: Measuring tape hoes Picos Sacks Bibliography of topics. The research was conducted at the Abel Santamaria CPA San Andreas that has a total area of 39.6cab, distributed as follows: For snuff: 3.5cab Cafe: 1cab Forestry: 6.8 Crops cab number: 6.3cab grazing for livestock: 17.3cab Not used directly: 4.7cab area’s geographical location is: N with The Ctalinas, S with the CPA Augusto Cesar Sandino, Consolacion del Sur E and W with IPUEC Flor Crombet. The soil is red ferriferous leaching rate (FRL), the depth of field is 20cm where the topography is 10% in this area had six gullies where the length of each one of them was from 0.20m to the 5m, and the width from 0.40m to 2.55m, average. Read more from Dr. Mark Hyman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The research was conducted in two of the six gullies, which had, which have the following measures: Width Length gully soil type I 0.50 1.10 1.25 1.85 * II FRL FRL * Red Ferralitic Leachate Results and discussion The usefulness of the gully to produce silage is very important for producers to provide food for the animals because, as is known by all, in the dry season shortage of fresh pasture, creating an obstacle for the producer to the time to feed their livestock and especially beef milkman, that the importance of a product that gives them alternatives is necessary to feed them, and thus not affect the production of this precious food.

Become Healthy

Many of us, especially with age, begin to lose their physical and mental capabilities: dulled attention, decreased muscle tone, quickly showing signs of tiredness and fatigue, etc. However, as they say physiology, age does not have a fundamentally negative influence on human health. And there are a lot of evidence that people in very old age are capable of performing large enough physical activity, and their minds clear how the young. The secret of health lies in the right way of life, which includes a balanced diet, rationally selected exercises, gentle daily routine, as well as benefit the environment. What do you do when your body already started and simply can not get it back? The answer is quite simple, nature has given man intelligence and the ability to learn its laws and correctly use them for a harmonious coexistence with others.

Therefore, since ancient times people are known methods for purification of the body is fasting and the use of special herbs. And if so, to hold a series of fasting for purification, from the person requires the courage and willpower, the use of special concoctions is fairly painless. We can therefore recommend the use of special design on the basis of herbaceous plants. Especially popular in America enjoys Holy Tea Dr. Miller, are likely to have a powerful effect on the human body and the weight loss process. This collection of herbal tea brewed as usual, it will represents the best in the world solution for bowel cleansing. For all those people who have big problems with the intestines, no need to explain what this means. Thanks to Dr.

Miller's broth is a rapid removal toxins, cholesterol and other harmful substances from the intestinal tract, and therefore are constipation and diarrhea, is a powerful cleansing and rejuvenation of organs and body as a whole. This affects the weight loss is a great way painlessly lose weight in a short time. In this case, natural origin components can not only lose calories, what happens when you use other drugs, sometimes even detrimental to health, and produce process of losing weight gradually, so that subsequent weight gain is practically excluded. Weight loss is the main task for the health and full existence of modern man, burdened malnutrition high calorific food. Thanks to Dr. Miller's Holy Tea such difficulties are resolved in a few months even in the most severe cases.

Castration And Sterilization

All this is quite natural, since you took the house is not a stuffed toy and a live animal, with his instincts, that will always be stronger than all your grievances. You are taught to be a cat with your ideas about life, know how to correctly understand it too. The question of castration of cats and cat sterilization everyone decides on their own, sometimes it necessary, sometimes, you can totally get along with a full-fledged animal, you only need to remember that these operations are irreversibly change the beast. Sometimes the solution may be surgery on tubal ligation cat, then it retains all its habits and desires, but can not get pregnant. Kontraseks sold in pet stores such as tablets 'Kontraseks', 'Antimyau' and others contain drums dose of hormones that cause great harm to the health of cats and the cats absolutely useless. Veterinarians are aware of frequent cases of cancer of genital organs of cats, and various metabolic disorders (dermatitis, obesity). Giving a cat these pills, 'so as not to Plowshares', anyway, that treat the guillotine headache. Think before taking a house cat – Do you have the financial means to provide her with good nutrition, care and concern. Geneticist is actively involved in the matter.

Cat can not explain nothing about the economic crisis, neither of the extreme housewives need to get a new coat – if the cat to save, it will inevitably get sick and give you much more of a hassle and waste on trips to the vet and medications. The cat does not understand that her spring songs are owners on the nerves, she lives by its animal laws that people, once they took the animal into the house, should at least understand. How to tyalety ppiychat? Control and display. In pan pour the filler, I recommend wood shavings find anywhere. Follow when going to do something – grab and run in the tray. When performing the desired act – in every possible way to praise and caress. Small provocation may, after a while after eating plant in the tray, and the priest gently rub the bottom up with a wet cloth. How otychit kydy climb without falling, and then fell in love in mysopnom vedpe? Hiss and spit when which do not.