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The Amaznia

If nor the few roads the governments had obtained to control Are certain that all we are Brazilian of heart. We love our Country, our Native land. The Amaznia, undisputedly, still is ours. But this in the ones of the right o not to destroy this patrimony that helps to keep the ecological balance to the world-wide level. Many still will use this argument to say that it is patrimony of the humanity, not only of the Brasil.Lembremos: o right of one finishes where the right of the other starts! If the other to feel itself threatened by a incorrect attitude that we take, starts to acquire the right to intervene and to try to change the routes of the original actions. If the humanity in general to start to find the deforestation of the Amaznia dangerous, and we, as always, nothing to make we will be opening our doors for manifestations interferences. In addition, the exploration of the natural wealth of this area ecologically importantssima, certainly would despertaria the olhos of cobia of other Nations and all know where this could finish If we do not fossemos so defective.

If we did not know that we are not capable to preserve and to develop. If our hearts and attitudes were moved by perhaps nobler feelings, such as character, good-sense and honesty, we could believe this sustainable deselvimento and it could effectively happen. But the man not yet has this moral evolution and spiritual to make that this utopia to turn reality. an utopia badly lead, fatally would lead to the destruction. As much of the forest as, possibly, of our lives that depend on air and of the balance that our Amaznia offers in ambient terms.

In addition, another action of development, as planting trees and recouping the areas already you degrade, it could create an excellent economic niche, wants either in the production of carbon credits, it wants either in the food production, or still in the ecologically correct wooden production. All would leave earning: the men, the nature, and the capital. We could reach this trilogy so difficult, or almost impoossvel, of being reached. Sustainable development is this. We must stop to associate development with destruction. Other more healthful forms exist and safer All we have the duty to alert the government and not to leave that the things arrive where dominatntes wants. The function of the forest is to be forest. This was an organization that God defined and created. the man not possesss moral, nor knowledge, to move what it was not constructed by it. If the man wants to change something, that plants its proper forest.All we know that when enter in focus easy money, the men little bind for the consequncias of its action. To preserve the forests is to preserve the life! The acknowledgment is given!