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Discovering Liver Cirrhosis

The first thing we did upon arrival in Mexico City, was go to Gastro-enterologist Dr. Nahum Mendez Sanchez. Was a Doctor neatly dressed, dark, slow, good manners, seemed to be a worthy and symbolic character of the culture in northern Peru. Dr. Palacios Hello, “greeted me, and was so well known that Karin and I had been waiting since announcing two months ago … we hugged! Like two old friends, the gathering started talking about the trip, on sister cultures: Inca and Aztec and I discovered I knew the topic, gave me a pleasant surprise, also talk about politics, knew more than Alan Fujimori … but I knew , was a pleasure to acknowledge this truth, I reminded Claudius Galen who demanded that the Doctor, well educated person must be a philosopher …

… After this introduction, we began to talk about a case, Doctor has brought his personal file? “He asked,” If doctor, here I have results of Lima, May I please … and gave the file or the clinical history, was put thick glasses and began to carefully read the file, austere, sometimes frowning, read and asked details about the accident, transfusions, evolution … I said I will examine doctor! … Pass please! … I went and lay down, was a stretcher in an attached room, put on a gown and I discussed, including taking vital functions and physical examination … in several months and after being evaluated by several colleagues …

It was the first time a doctor examined me at such length! Please dress and comes to talk, “he said at the end of the review” Well, “he said there are some key findings, if we stick to these results, I’ll be clear: First, there is a very important precedent, most vital, is the Transfusion 10 Units of Blood for 18 years and a half! … we know that each unit of blood has the risk of infection 10%!, 1989 was also still investigating Virus Hepatitis C. and little was known. Second: Over the years there has been no control over this diagnostic possibility, despite being a person at risk, being further Surgeon! Third: There is significant liver damage, if we rely on the presence of esophageal and gastric particles, and a liver nodule whose diagnosis is unclear Fourth: Clinically visible deleterious effects of this disease, edema, insomnia, irritability, anorexia, weight loss and others, I listened carefully and showed that I agree with the analysis of the doctor. Now what do you say? – He said – That’s doctor! – I said “Well – we went on to do the following: A) Let’s repeat the analysis … Everyone!, Need to be certain biochemical variables. B) We will perform analysis has not been done yet, such as Fibrous Test, virus genotype, viral load … so … Then as soon as they we’ll see. C) Let’s make a neat repeat CT imaging including abdominal, making hepatic perfusion MRI. Based on these results we’ll see … right doctor Miguel? – SI Dr. Nahum right!, Thank you … then she began to write orders, recommended I eat anything and was proselytizing with Mexican food, laughed and said goodbye … not a single weight gained by the Consultation! Leaving Karin expressed my satisfaction so tedious evaluation.

Star Wars

All of them, transparent, pure, powerful and very fragile at the same time. The identification with the truth of that person, left me without skin, totally naked in a fragility that can, literally, kill pain or that can transform life into something very powerful. It was like seeing my essence reflected in a mirror. A more powerful, overwhelming and sobering experience! This level of openness and transparency to the Elves worked them because they were many living in the same conditions and, still, his Kingdom was in danger of extinction because, despite their power, their fragility against the darkness of the outside world was greater. Those who have read the work of Tolkien, notice, both in books and movies, that lot refers to the dictates of the heart. When Gandalf was uneasy about the well-being of Frodo and Sam, and says its concern with Aragorn, he you ask Gandalf: what does tell your heart? And although much clarity is required to be able to discern between the heart’s desires and the intuitive heart, because if one learns to remove the desire of medium may know the answer with certainty. Easy? No, para nada, but it is doable. You just have to do the work that gives us so much laziness. In Star Wars, favorite phrases is: search your feelings (look in your feelings), and the other course: may the Force be with you (may the force be with you). Again, what is this force? We feel it but do not know it clearly because we want it to comprehend the logic, and out there, ever understand it. On the other hand, why it is done so much emphasis on search in our hearts? What they have as opposed to the mind or the toe that makes him so desirable? Surely they are not referring the physical heart, but what symbolizes, but what symbolize? What is there? What is it We humans want par excellence? Is it perhaps some truth? In fact something that looks at these series and reason by which we identify, is in that part of the intuitive heart the truth that transcends space and time.