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To encourage, to teach and to support the patient during the daily activities to promote the autocuidado one. To encourage the patient to follow a standard of regular schedule to carry through the physiological necessities and to increase the ingestion of liquids and foods with a moderate fiber content, since the constipation and urinria difficulty are manifestations of the illness. To monitor the weight, to know if the calrica ingestion weekly is adjusted, therefore some carriers of Parkinson present difficulties to keep the weight, decurrent of the difficulty to chew and to deglutir. To encourage to look one fonoaudiolgo, to teach exercises, that make possible the improvement of speak and facilitate the communication between family, patient and professionals of the health, therefore alterations in speaks is characteristic of the carriers of parkinson. To stimulate the participation in groups of support, social activities of leisure and events that can help to reduce the depression. To clarify how much to the importance of the treatment medicamentoso, schedule of medications and dosage, and the necessity of the accompaniment to interdisciplinar, in order to delay the progression of the illness and to provide quality of life better. CONSIDERAES FINAL the illness of Parkinson is one of the etiology riots neurodegenerativos more frequent, unknown, whose I publish target are people above of the 50 years, being able to acometer young adult, in the course of the pathology has a reduction of the levels of dopamina (inibitrio neurotransmitter) decurrent of the bankruptcy of the neurons of substantiates compacts of the brain, does not have cure and the available medicamentosos treatments only delay its progression, are of basic importance the multiprofessional accompaniment to provide quality of life more good to the parkinsoniano. The chosen study it was of great importance for the personal growth and intellectual of the researcher concerning the Illness of Parkinson, this research, it allowed as searches in bibliographical readings, a way to extend my knowledge, becoming me one nurse capable to give cares with quality and of form integral and humanizada to the carrier of Parkinson, giving emphasis that the nursing is the art of taking care of.