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Molecular Biology: The Evolution Of Organisms

'If you could be demonstrated that any one of the existing systems of organisms, could not be formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would completely fell apart. " Charles Darwin. Up to 1859goda, most people believed that life is too complicated for what it could occur without the help of the creator. But when Charles Darwin published his 'Origin of Species', materialists see theory of human origins, it is obvious atheistic worldview supportive, where God has been deleted. Although Darwin was not a materialist, his theory has become an integral part in the teaching of the materialists, that God is out of place in life.

But since then, it took about 150 years. In 1859, there was no idea of how a living cell at its molecular level. Darwin argued that biological systems, including cell evolve gradually as a result of natural selection during the great periods of time. But since then, science has advanced considerably, and the organisms and biological systems, of which Darwin suggested that they are simple, proved to be incredibly complex and interdependent. An unchanging set of organisms. Incidentally, the recent discoveries in molecular biology have shown that some organisms and biological systems are only when their individual parts are fully developed, so that they could not evolve gradually. Biochemist Michael Behe likened their interdependence with a mousetrap that can not catch a mouse, in the event that all components of its design is not working properly and harmoniously. Behe identified these bodies as not developing the elements of the system.

A Cultural Experience For The Promotion

The University at international level is an institution to transform society in the XXI century the world has been raising awareness of the need to achieve development that is needed to promote the universities, creating the conditions for everyone who wants to study to have a chance to do so, the university more than ever this call to preserve, develop and promote culture from its three major substantive processes, teaching, research and extension, three substantive processes that have to go integrated, linked dialectically, in the specific case of the extent and within this the VHS Julio A. Mella discussed in this work, as an inseparable part of the extension but with its own independence allows the promotion of culture toward the popular sectors of the space in which the university is located. The Popular University Julio Antonio Mella (UPJAM) is an alternative college to promote popular culture, was born in ano1999 continuation to the idea of Julio A. Mella in 1923 to create the Universidad Popular Jose Marti and runs as part of the universalization of knowledge and the university to some municipalities in the province of Pinar del Rio, is a viable initiative to confront the aggression of Neoliberal Globalization, the achievements, the impact of this in the town of La Palma municipality in the province of Pinar del Rio make real the need to generalize their actions throughout our province and the rest of the country. NOTES ON THE Evolution "N DE LA Extension" N UNIVERSITY. The University is born to the thirteenth century of our era, and it is from the nineteenth century in England where he started the policy of promoting culture within the University and outside it, from England, a country that was the most consolidated university product of capitalism, widespread in Europe and the U.S..


I am a big fan of the series "Sex and the City." I watched every episode series for at least 2 times, and some of them and more. Despite this I still watch re-Series, and I'm really looking forward to this film. I went to the movies with the best intentions. I really wanted to see the movie worthwhile. Unfortunately, the movie did not have any relationship to a witty series. The characters seem like caricatures rather than on themselves. There were very few lines that give a glimpse of the old smart dialogue, but they were lost in a mass of useless lines about love and friendship that you rarely come across even in a sugary Hollywood movie.

Serial fond of his honesty to sexual problems, the tests of life and daring characters. The show was about sex. Movies about love and touches the topic with the weakest, most saccharine and disappointing point of view. In general, the movie was beautiful and glamorous. As a result, four friends get what they want out of life. Happy end.